Vindredi: Tasting of 1995 and 1996 Zind Humbrecht wines of Alsace
on June 12, 1998

To accompany the wines, we had four cheeses recommended by the cheese guy at Larry's Market in Bellevue: Reblochon, Etorki, French St. Andre, and English Saint Davids.  And we sampled three different loaves of bread from Grand Central Bakery: Piccolo Como, Pesto Pugliese, and Mille Grane.

The weather was glorious, and Roger came nearly half an hour late, so we wandered around in the backyard a bit before sitting down to taste.   Everyone but Brian left around 11:30 p.m., and I kicked Brian out around midnight.

-- bens

The starter wine:
1996 Roland Schmitt Tokay $14.99

The first flight -- drier:
  1. 1996 Herrenweg de Turckheim Riesling (Zind Humbrecht) $29.99 (the favorite of the first flight)
  2. 1996 Brand (turckheim) Riesling (Zind Humbrecht) $49.99
  3. 1996 Clos Häuserer Riesling (Zind Humbrecht) $32.99
  4. 1996 Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris $24.99
  5. 1996 Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot d'Alsace $22.99

The second flight -- richer:
  6. 1995 Brand Riesling Vendage Tardive (Zind Humbrecht) $109.99
  7. 1995 Herrenweg de Turckheim Muscat Vendage Tardive (Zind Humbrecht) $87.50
  8. 1995 Rotenberg Pinot Gris Vendage Tardive (Zind Humbrecht) $109.99
  9. 1995 Herrenweg de Turckheim Gewurztraminer Vendage Tardive (Zind Humbrecht) $74.50
10. 1995 Herrenweg de Turckheim Riesling Vendage Tardive (Zind Humbrecht) $87.50 (the favorite wine of the evening)

A special treat (thank you, Steve!):
1988 Chablis Grand Cru Valmur, Jean-Marie Raveneau

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