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2004-11-22 4:30pm PT
Step 1. I uninstalled all the BlackBerry (RIM) software from my computer and rebooted.
Step 2. I deleted the Research in Motion directories both under c:\Program Files as well as c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data.
Step 3. I ran Regedit and searched for "Research in" and "Blackberry" and deleted every registry key that matched. Step 4. I installed Desktop Software 3.6 Service Pack 2, then rebooted.
Step 5. Synchronizing caused Desktop Manager to crash (but not RimDeviceManager.exe) -- that obscure, data-dependent bug. So I set PIM synch to look back 10 days and forward 90 days (instead of my preferred settings of 365 and 365), and the synch completed. Then I set it to 365, 365, and now I am back and working again.

Note: I've still got the v3.7.1.115 7700 Series Handheld Software installed on the 7780. So I presume there is a bug with installing Service Pack 3a (SP3a) over SP2 of the v3.6 Desktop Software.
2004-11-22 2:00pm PT
I installed BlackBerry Desktop Software version 3.6 Service Pack 3a and the 7700 Handheld Software v3.7.1.115, and now I cannot synchronize by BlackBerry 7780. The RimDeviceManager.exe crashes -- see the Windows crash screenshots:

My support chat with Matias at

Transcript for Live Forum: 'Tech Support Chat', Mon Nov 22 14:40:20 PST 2004, User: BenSlivka
BenSlivka: Matias, are you still looking at my problem with RimDeviceManager.exe crashing?
BenSlivka: Please see for screen shots of RimDeviceManager.exe crash report.
Matias: To BenSlivka give me a moment
BenSlivka: I suspect you may have to escalate me to the support desk at RIM?
Matias: To BenSlivka uninstall again and then perform this...this will completly uninstall the software...Access the customers hard drive (i.e. C:, D:,). Click on the Documents and Settings folder. Click on the folder that represents the customer (Admin, guest, jdoe, etc.). Click on Application Data. If Application data folder is not there you will need to select Tools>Folder options>View TAB> show hidden files and folders. After selecting on Application Data Folder right click on the Research In Motion folder and delete. Now re-cradle the blackberry and attempt to configure Intellisync again.
BenSlivka: I can do that. What about deleting all the Registry Keys for the RIM/Blackberry, too?
Matias: To BenSlivka yes..pls do that...than once completed...reboot...than install the sp3
BenSlivka: But installing SP3 is what caused this problem in the first place! I was happily running with SP2 and the older 7700 Series Handheld software. Are you sure I should update to Desktop Software 3.6 SP3?
Matias: To BenSlivka well try this and see
BenSlivka: Matias -- I'm certain that RIM has tested installing SP3a over SP2, so I don't see how cleaning out the file system and registry and then reinstalling SP3a is going to work any better. What is your theory here?
BenSlivka: Matias?
Matias: To BenSlivka give me a moment ...i am checking if there is an issue with this...
BenSlivka: OK...
Matias: To BenSlivka Where was it loaded from?
BenSlivka: Where was what loaded from?
Matias: To BenSlivka the sp3 software....where was it found?
BenSlivka: From -- lists SP1, SP2, and SP3a.
Matias: To BenSlivka this is what i received...404 Internal Server Error
BenSlivka: Gotta love RIM...OK, go to, then click on the "Support" link at the top, then under "Online Support", click on "Software Download Information", then click on the first "Download" link in the text, and then select "BlackBerry Desktop Software v3.6" from the drop down menu and press the "Select" button. Yikes!
Matias: To BenSlivka i got it...i went through our web site...
BenSlivka: May I respectfully request that you escalate me to RIM, since I've found a bug in their software, and you're unlikely to be able to help me with that?
Matias: To BenSlivka this has to be done by escalate to on the forums...there looks like there is an issue with this
Matias: To BenSlivka going from sp2 to sp3a
BenSlivka: Is there a solution, or just BlackBerry users complaining and no response from RIM? ;-)
Matias: To BenSlivka let me see...i am checking...there are a couple of posts
BenSlivka: Matias, any luck on the BB boards?
Matias: To BenSlivka do you have xp sp2??
BenSlivka: Yes, this system is running WIndows XP SP2.
Matias: To BenSlivka looks like there is not a fix yet...
Matias: To BenSlivka i cannot find anything
BenSlivka: Can you submit an additional note and include a link to the screenshots on my website? is the page.
Matias: To BenSlivka i am would need to report this....that way responses can be directed to you
Matias: To BenSlivka Are there any questions that I could assist you with?
Matias: To BenSlivka Thank you for using Tech Chat Support. If there is nothing else I can assist you with, please comment on your experience by taking our customer satisfaction survey at

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