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Time lapse videos:
12/25/2009 Christmas (63.6Mb, QT, HD 720p)
03/07/2003 Rainstorm (17.5Mb, MPEG-2, 640x480)
04/03/2003 sun and clouds (17.5Mb, MPEG-2, 640x480)
The three web cameras are facing west toward Seattle from near the top of Clyde Hill, Washington, USA.
Images are automatically refreshed once a minute.
Scroll down to see each static image and links to the real-time video streams.
On a clear day you can see Seattle with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

• Axis Q6128-E (06/26/2018) -- See live 4K video (30fps) •

• Axis Q6035-E (05/02/2013) -- See live 1080p video (60fps) •

• Axis Q1755 (12/16/2009) -- See live 720p video (30fps) •

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