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Meyer Slivka used to take long walks in Seattle, and one of his favorite routes was along Lake Washington Boulevard near his home of 39 years in the Mount Baker neighborhood. His family worked with the Seattle Parks Foundation to refurbish an existing park bench in Colman Park, immediately north of Mount Baker Beach Park, and it was dedicated in his memory in early 2013.

Thank you to all the generous donors who made this bench possible: Brad and Karen Andonian, Susan Ball, Phyllis Boucher, Diana Carey, Kevin Conley, Ed Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs, Lisa Fernow, Louise McGrody, Jane and Steve Hager, Ellis Hillinger, Marge and Jim Ingram, Max and Lori Miller, Joyce Moty, Norma Roth, Alexander and Susan Slivka, Ben and Lisa Slivka, Dara Slivka, Enid Slivka, Michael and Robin Slivka, Pamela Katims Steele and Patrick Steele, and Hugh and Linda Straley.

The approximate location of the bench is 47°35'7.58"N, 122°17'12.19"W.

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