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Mon Dec-30 Arthur's Pass, hiking
After breakfast, we split up into two groups. Lisa and Max went on the Upper Otira Alpine Flower and Glacier Exploration, which included a 10km hike, a 600m elevation gain, lots of high mountain flora, and the Otira Glacier. They ate lunch at the top and then returned.

Ben, Nate, and Lauren went on the Kayaking and Limestone Castles adventure. They kayaked in Lake Pearson, had a snack, then drove to the Kura Tawhiti Conservation Area, which is strewn with large and small limestone boulders and outcroppings. Gerry McSweeney lead us on a convoluted path through the limestone, including climbing through natural limestone holes. We had lunch under a limestone overhang, then drove back to Lake Pearson for a little splashing in the water, saw a Crested Grebe fishing, and then back to the Lodge.

Lisa went on the High Country Sheep Station Discovery Tour, where she saw a black Merino lamb and a demonstration of blade shearing, after which we had dinner accompanied by a 1998 Goldwater Esslin Merlot from Waiheke Island.

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