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Tue Jul-15 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Rosenborg Castle, Restaurant l'Alsace
Ben took an early-morning 1.5 hour walk looping around the five "Søs" northwest of the train station. Then we all had breakfast on the 20th floor and headed out on foot for the nearby Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which has a nice collection of French Impressionist painting and Rodin sculptures, as well as a big collection of Danish paintings and sculpture and an eclectic mix of "ancient" art. We had forgettable pizza for lunch at an "Italian" restaurant and then walked to the Rosenborg Castle, where we admired the "Treasury" (including the Danish Crown Jewels) below the castle and the vast collection of art, tapestries, furniture, plates, bowls, and other royal knick-knacks in the above-ground castle rooms.

We walked back to our hotel for a bit of downtime and then headed over to Restaurant l'Alsace for a nice (mostly French) dinner accompanied by a bottle of 2004 Tommasi Amarone. We played a game of Oh Peachfuzz before turning in for the night.

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